Nadia Chapman is a headshot photographer in Portland and Vancouver. She focuses on genuine expressions and headshots that command attention.  Professional headshots that elevate executives and actors.

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It's important for you to feel relaxed, confident, and in control during your headshot session.  For this reason, we limit bookings to a maximum of two per day; one morning session and one afternoon session.  Many people think of a headshot photography experience, similar to that of school pictures - in and out in 5minutes.  That is not the case with Nadia Chapman Photography; she is a headshot photographer who provides a high-end experience to clients in Portland and Vancouver.

Your headshot session time is not limited, so you'll have plenty of time to warm up to the camera, as well as try on a variety of outfits.  We do not limit the number of outfits you can bring or use; in fact, we encourage you to bring every outfit that makes you feel happy and confident when you wear it!

It's important for our clients to feel that their session is tailored specifically to them.  This is why we do not offer 30 or 60-minute timeslots;  we want to ensure that each client gets the time needed to bring out their true self.  As Nadia is an experienced headshot photographer, lighting and posing will be set quickly and early in the session.  The majority of the session will be focused on bringing out your true expressions.  Some people feel more comfortable than others initially; however, we take the time to make sure everyone gets to their "happy place" in front of the lens.

Throughout the session, Nadia will provide coaching on posing, angles, and expressions.  No one gets their headshot regularly enough to take a powerful headshot without coaching. 

Throughout the session, there will be one or two opportunities to stop and look at some of the shots we've taken, so you can get a feel of how the final images will look.  If there is anything concerning, we have plenty of opportunities to change it before we stop shooting.

The atmosphere will be fun and relaxed, which is how we bring out the best expressions for headshots.

At the end of your session, you'll relax with a coffee and review all your images with Nadia.  You'll pick your favorite images to be professionally retouched.  Nadia will give as much or as little input as you like.  Sometimes it's nice to have a second opinion (and sometimes not!).  

Following the retouching of your images, you'll receive the high-resolution JPEG image files, as well as the custom crops and sizes for social media platforms such as LinkedIn.  That way, your images are ready to go as soon as you receive them.

The studio session fee is $200.  This includes:


  • No time limit on your session.  We go at a pace thats comfortable to you.

  • Unlimited outfit changes

  • Shoot preparation guide to help prepare you for your shoot

  • One on one post photoshoot advice for image selection


At the end of the session, you have the opportunity to choose which images suit your needs.  This puts you in control of how much you spend depending on what your specific needs are.


Each image is $50 - which includes professional retouching on each image selected.  As each client has specific headshot needs, this ensures each person pays only for what they need.

Group Business and Corporate headshots are available on location.  Please contact us for more details.


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