Nadia Chapman is a headshot photographer in Portland and Vancouver. She focuses on genuine expressions and headshots that command attention.  Professional headshots that elevate executives and actors.

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Nadia Chapman Photography Provides a high end experience to portland and vancouver.

Your headshot session time is not limited, so you'll have plenty of time to warm up to the camera, as well as try on a variety of outfits.  I do not limit the number of outfits you can bring or use; in fact, I encourage you to bring every outfit that makes you feel happy and confident when you wear it!  I also offer complimentary clothes rental from a huge catalog of designer clothes for our female clients;  my goal is to make the experience as stress free as possible.

Professional Headshot coaching

As an experienced headshot photographer, the lighting and posing will be quickly set up early in the session.  The majority of the session will be focused on bringing out your true expressions.  Some people feel more comfortable than others initially; however, we take the time to make sure everyone gets to their "happy place" in front of the lens.

Throughout the session, I will provide coaching on posing, angles, and expressions.  No one gets their headshot regularly enough to take a powerful headshot without coaching. 

Personal Branding

All headshot sessions contain an element of personal branding.  I will structure the session to meet your individual needs.  Actors, creatives, and those looking for more variety in their images will appreciate this flexible approach.

Build your personal brand.  Connect with your perfect client.

Make Them Fall In Love With You

Your Brand 

Is You

Feel Confident.  Look confident

Reinventing the Experience

It's important for you to feel relaxed, confident, and in control during your headshot session.  For this reason, I limit bookings to a maximum of two per day; one morning session and one afternoon session.  Nadia Chapman Photography takes pride in slowing down the professional headshot photography process, so that you can feel your very best.