Headshots that elevate are much more than a photo.  The most successful, confident, and experienced people still become uneasy in front of a camera lens.  It's an uncomfortable place for everyone.

A powerful headshot that conveys competence, confidence, and approachability requires much more than a smile.  It needs facial and expression coaching, a strong knowledge of lighting and photography, and a photographer with patience and empathy.

As a headshot photographer, I have built my business on personal client connections.  Years of working in the corporate world has given me the foundation to listen and understand my clients and help them feel comfortable with the facial coaching I provide throughout the session.  Having fun and "shaking it off" is a huge part of the process;  when my clients walk out of the studio and tell me how much fun they've had, it's even more rewarding than achieving that perfect headshot.

As a wife and mother, my happy place is always with my family.  They drive me to continually improve personally and professionally.  I try to live by the wise council "keep walking in love", which helps me maintain a positive outlook, even when the struggle is real!